Monday September 29 2014, I drifted the Trinity River with stellar guide, Mike Hibbard.
We landed 6 Adult Steelhead, 4 Jack Salmon and some halfpounders. Steelhead in a tanktop? Yep.

Then Wednesday Janet and I flew to Idaho to visit our friends Rich and Jill Cruey. 
Rich and I drifted the Snake River with a guide from the Teton Lodge on Thursday.
 Friday the 2 of us drifted in Rich's driftboat and had a fine day too. 

Ya gotta love those Cutties! 
Jill and Janet had fun kayaking 10 miles of the beautiful Teton River
Rich and Jill have a beautiful cabin in Tetonia with an amazing view of the Grand Tetons

The Snake has Cutthroats,Browns,Rainbows,Whitefish. We caught all 4 species.
Here's a Brown we got with Rich "On the Sticks" and me fishing.