Drifted the lower sac October 4 2017.
We had the killer day, landing 21 of the over 40 hooked.
Lotsa fish over 20" best one was about 4lbs
Hit the Trinity Nov 7 for more fun
Landed 4 of the 5 adult Steelies hooked
plus a couple fiesty half-pounders
November 19 fished Lukk lake near Corning with my banjo pickin Pal George Goodell.
We landed a bunch of trout, bass and some bluegills
Wednesday Dec 6 
Went back to the Trinity to fish with my favorite guide. 
Drifted Junction City to Pidgeon Point.
We worked hard for 4 grabs, landed 3 wild adult steelies. 
Best one was 7-8 pounds. California fishing at it's finest.
As always these fish were released to do their thing