Fished  ECL with guitar pickers Steve Lawson and Scot Brenton on Monday January 9.
We had very limited visibility in the ponds due to recent pounding rains, 
It didn't rain a lot during our day but at times the wind gusts were in the 45+MPH range.
We managed to land 7 fish between us, some smaller and a few slugs. Big flys earlier in the day with smaller flys getting grabs toward evening.
My guess most California flyfishers were at home crying in their beer 'cause all their favorite rivers and lakes were blown out.
Best fish went around 8 pounds, smallest about 5 pounds
That's Lo Vis!!
gale force winds kept us from ever seeing this view

These are my  Trips to Eagle Canyon Lakes  early 2017 scroll down for later dates

January 24, 2017 Gold Country Flyfishers Cicely, Robin and I had a fun day with decent conditions.
Water clarity was not too bad in spite of recent storms.
There were periods of dead calm where it was super tough to get bit. As usual fish got more active when wind picked up.
We hooked 20+ fish but only landed 5 between us. We all had several epic battles ending in the dreaded LDR. 
I managed to land this chunky monkey 12 pounder on a 6 weight rod.
​Cicely looks pretty happy!!
This one was about 7 pounds, pretty typical of ECL fish
At times it got cold enough for me to wear the goofy hat that I got  when playing a New Years show at the National Hotel in Nevada City with the the Dogtones in around 1992
I went back March 30 2017 and fished with Tim and Brian from
Gold Country Fly Fishers. We had a pretty solid day with 23 to hand and lots of LDR's
Here's Tim with a BFP